Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes....

Over Father's Day weekend, we visited the in-laws in K.C.  We decided that it would be a good time to let Buddy see his Grandmother's "remembering spot" in the cemetary.  He learned this summer at Vacation Bible School about Jesus dying for us.  It was the first time we talked at all about death, and we figured what better way to teach the subject than through Jesus.  We took him to the cemetary, expecting a lot of questions.  We explained it was the place to go to remember his Grandma since she has gone to heaven.  (Of course, we didn't even broach the subject of what is really in a cemetary.)  He seemed to understand the concept, but he really wanted to walk on the retaining wall and look at everyone's flowers.  As we left, we asked if he had any questions for us. 

After a few minutes he told us he wanted to run a cemetary when he grew up.  Now, keep in mind his dream job now is to be a "wild animal doctor."  (Not a zoo vet...unless they send him out into the field)  I asked if he still wanted to be the wild animal doctor, or if he was changing his future career completely.  He said he still wanted to be a wild animal doctor, and his wife would take care of the cemetary.  Afterall, "she can't just cook all day.  She needs something else to do... so she can take care of the cemetary."  I'm so glad that he has thought this through and is considering his future wife's feelings.  I know I don't want to be in the kitchen all day...what a thoughtful little man!

As for Boo, the night before I was convinced I could sleep in a double bed with both kids by myself.  Not sure what I was thinking.  The idea used to work, until Boo decided she was a natural entertainer and didn't want to sleep if she could sing, dance, jump, and talk to others.  One of the countless times we were trying to lay quietly and "play oppossum,"  Boo turned to me, smiled, put her arm around my neck, and said, "you're my best friend!"  Talk about tugging at every heart string!  I was so excited!!!  She then rolled over and said Buddy, "you my best friend."  I, being the mature adult replied..."what about Mommy?"  Nope...she changed her mind.  Her brother was her best friend and no amount of guilt was going to get her to say it was me again.  For a brief moment....I was on cloud nine!  That's alright - I will settle for all the times she says she is "Mommy's girl."

**Side note, ever since that night she has been naming Daddy, Buddy, and Mommy as her best friends.  (Depending on who is playing with her and giving her all the attention and love she wants at that moment.)

New Idea....

As I laid in bed awake last night, I finally made a decision.  I have been truly procrastinating on this blog (about six months now) as I tried to determine just what I wanted it to be.  I originally had all these great ideas about just posting projects I completed each week.  Well, if you are a procrastinator or love someone who is, you know that completing a project a week is like building a pyramid each day out of sand.  It seems impossible.

Now, I have wasted six months of truly documenting life as it happens here with a 2 year old and a 5 year old.  I promise, there is never a dull moment.  Therefore, I decided to simply turn this blog into my personal scrapbook.  Mainly filled with the kids and life....with a few projects that actually get completed scattered in there.  It is my hope that each week I will have a post about life, love, and maybe, just maybe, accomplishing things.

Let's see how this goes....