Friday, January 13, 2012

Coasters from cans

What do you give a wonderful neighbor for Christmas?  Umm...coasters, of course!  Our neighbors spent years designing and adding on to their house a massive addition (including an awesome "game room.")  This room houses incredible games (shuffleboard, air hockey, a ton of those arcarde style games), booths for sitting, an amazing old bar, and countless collectibles.  (Trust is a great room!) 

It all started with reading this post:  I asked my neighbors for some of their empty cans, went to Lowe's for some tiles, and got to work making them some coasters.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of each step along the way, but the link above provides a wonderful tutorial.  I only made two changes while making the coasters:  I opted to use Americana Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Gloss Glaze to seal the tiles (because I wanted the seal to be thicker than mod podge would provide) and I covered the entire bottom of the tiles with felt (hoping to better protect the amazing bar they have).

This project was easy, fun, and functional.  Afterall, what better place to put your drink than on a matching coaster?

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