Friday, January 6, 2012

I'll take it!

Well, I am not sure where the warm weather came from in January, but I'll take it anyday! The kids had a great time playing outside today. It was so nice to be able to spend this afternoon outside without coats - running, swinging, playing in the sand, sliding, and enjoying nature. Boo even learned how to climb the stairs and go down the slide by herself (of course, my hand was on her the whole time). Days like today remind me that sometimes you don't need to be all caught up on chores...sometimes it is just nice to sit in the grass listening to kids laugh!

 Buddy, playing Wild Kratts up in the  playhouse Tortuga HQ. 
 (He emphasizes it is the REAL Tortuga HQ)

Boo...just running!  She wanted to "pay" (play) outside all day. 

Boo loves to "weeeee."  I love that she calls it that because you say "weeee" when you swing. 
(Note:  she also calls sliding "weeee", but that is neither here nor there.) 

 Michael was convinced he could touch the 108-year-old tree over him because he was swinging so high.

I had to add this picture because I just LOVE the look of admiration she always has for her big brother!

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