Sunday, January 15, 2012

Organization Challenge #1

I did it!  I signed up for the challenge of "52 Weeks To An Organized Home" (found at:  The first week was kitchen countertops and sinks.

If you are like us, the kitchen counters become the dropping off point for virtually everything in the house.  I try to maintain a workable space during the week while staying home with the four kids.  However, it is during the weekends that things get totally out of hand.  I guess it has to do with my wonderful husband being home, me getting tired of always cleaning it up, having no real designated spots for items, our weekly Costco trips that provide an overabundance of items and no place to put them, and the projects I want to do (but only make it as far as getting the supplies to the kitchen counters).  Add all of those factors up, and by Sunday afternoon - there is hardly any space to use on the countertops.  I can't believe I am going to show these before pictures, but here it goes.  (Keep in mind the pictures were taken on a Sunday afternoon.)  If your ready, take a deep breath, and scroll down.


(Notice the lovely flag from outside that is still sitting in the corner from the horrible winds last week, the 24 bottles of water that can't fit on the other countertop because my husband just bought 24 more bottles of water, and the gallon of paint that has been out for weeks for me to finish touching up baseboards after refinishing the hardwood floors....just to name a few things that should NOT be there.)

Well, now that you are probably completely disgusted.  I do have after pictures that are a much better!  We are still working on finding better organization for some items....and I am hoping that the next few weeks of challenges will help....but here are countertops I can see!  I am now able to breathe a sigh of relief when I walk into the kitchen instead of getting frustrated by all of the mess! 


Here's hoping the next 51 weeks are as rewarding and provide me with a completely organinzed home/life!

Once again, the before and after side by side comparisons:


Stay tuned each Sunday to see how I did on the weekly challenge!

May 2012 be your most organized ever! 

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

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